Recovery center

If the resources are available, detox at an inpatient medical facility or a qualified treatment/recovery center

My drug dealer used to tell me that, “no one gets off (clean and sober) opiates or heroin because they can’t get through the dope sickness (withdrawals).” I attempted, several times, to get off opiates by myself, trying a variety of methods I found on the internet. First, I tried to taper from heroin to prescription opiates (mainly oxycodone).

Result: I was using both heroin and oxycodone. Fail.

Next, I tried to taper off of heroin with a benzodiazepine called Xanax® – a psychoactive prescription drug usually prescribed for anxiety.

Result: I was using heroin, oxycodone, and Xanax. Fail.

Every time the withdrawals, or dopesickness, started I used some form of opiate to alleviate my symptoms.

By entering a medical setting, I was monitored closely until I got through the worst of it (3-4 days). From there, it was straight to treatment at Discovery Place. Some facilities, like Discovery Place, offer those seeking help for opiate addiction detox a more affordable option: you can detox from opiates on a Suboxone taper while receiving treatment. This method is also called a “walking” detox. It is more affordable than detox in an inpatient medical facility, and it allows you or your loved one to begin participation in the recovery process. 

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